Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Here are some of the photos I was able to take with my semi-working camera:
Errachidia to Oaurzazate Bike Ride (End of February)
Looking back towards home. Bike Ride Day 1 (15km)

Traveling to Errachidia from site. Bike Ride Day 1 (15km)

Traveling to Errachidia. Bike Ride Day 1 (15km)

On the way to Tinjdad. Bike Ride Day 2 (80km)

On route to Tinjdad. Only 267km to go!
Then camera broke after this photo, :(

Errachidia Spring Camp (End of March/Early April)

Me and a camper

Me and several campers on final day

Our wonderful American volunteers minus 1

Yummy Friday couscous

Cheesemaking Workshop (February)

Testing the curd to see if it is ready to cut.

Cooking the cheese curds.

Draining the cheesecurds.

Draining the cheese curds.

This is how you drain the cheese curds, by hanging them from something.

Yummy sushi (cooked) that I made for a participant's birthday celebration.

And of course the birthday cake, :)